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The Soft 4Play shows unlimited potential
Belgian Savage Gear consultant Christophe Depouille was given a batch of the new Soft 4Play lures. Eager to test them, he went out on a local venue a few days ago, and not surprisingly the results were incredible. Christophe quickly found out that the lures could be fished at the slowest paces and still look incredibly lifelike. The pike went crazy and hammered them without hesitation. The biggest fish was a mind-boggling 119cm, and it delivered a fight that Christophe won't forget anytime soon. It was caught on the 19cm version in the Perch color.

The Savage Gear Soft 4Play follow up the massive success of the 4Play Swim & Jerk and Lip lures, and they are deadly on any predatory fish. Their design is based on the already legendary 4Play lures only with a soft yet extremely durable and tough rubber body. Combined with quick twitches, the action of these lures is sensational, and with the addition of the Loose Body Soft 4Plays which can be mounted on traditional jig heads, you can either jerk, spin, jig, or troll them depending on the fishing situation.

You will be amazed at how hard the pike hits these lures! We'll have them with you first thing in 2011.

Keep the pictures and reports coming, whether it’s big Pike or any other great predator fish - we cannot get enough!
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